Sunday, April 28, 2013

Six Months and 10 pounds later

Henry turned six months- a big milestone indeed! He is now 16 1/2 pounds and 26 1/2 inches.

Over the past few months he has certainly grown and learned more new things than Drew and I can even realize, but during this time we have learned a few things ourselves about little Henry boy...

Favorite Food: Applesauce, but pumpkin is a close second

Tickle Spots: Along his spine, under his ribs, and inner thighs

Favorite Toy: Squishy Alphabet Book

Biggest Laugh: Pressing his "beeper" aka belly button and making a loud beeping noise (Thanks Mehrs)

Snuggle Buddies: L'elephant and blankie

Favorite Game: "Peek-a-boo" (Someone running around the room and shouting BOO from different locations.)

Six Month Photo Shoot 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To the Grand Canyon

So Henry and I have been pretty sick the past two weeks. Henry with a bad cold which turned into a double ear infection and my was a self diagnosed sinus infection. The both of us were pretty miserable, but on the plus side we got to watch quite a few good ol' classic movies together: You've Got Mail being on the top of the list. I just love it!

Anyways, once I started feeling better, I needed to get OUT of the house. So when Drew had Friday off, we decided to go visit one of the state's most well known landmarks, The Grand Canyon. We, of course, took Cole because what else is he doing but waiting for his mission to begin. (He got called to the Guatemala City South Mission and reports to the MTC in Guatemala May 1st.) Neither Henry nor I had been to the Grand Canyon before, I mean, I have driven through it on the way to SLC, but that doesn't really count. Cole claims he has never been either, but he hiked Havasupi, which definitely counts. Either way, it was fun to visit/revisit this natural wonder and realize why they call it "grand".

How to freak Shilo out: pretend you're going to fall off a very small side of a very large canyon. Cole took full advantage. 

The two men in my life!

Like Father like son

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cloth Diapers 101

Yes, we do cloth diapers... and we LOVE it. A lot of people ask us about it so I will post a few things for those who are interested.

We do cloth because it is better for the environment and it saves some money in the long run. Plus, they are quite the fashion statement. We have Dr Seuss, race cars, owls, complex physic equations, you name it!

There are a bunch of different types of cloth diapers. We use one size, all-in-one diapers.

All-in-one refers to a diaper where the waterproof cover and absorbent cloth inside are connected together as one piece. They are the most expensive type of cloth diaper, but they are definitely the easiest.

One size refers to a single diaper being able to fit a child from about 6 weeks old (10lbs) to potty training (35 lbs). They size down by a variety of snaps...lots of snaps, although some do use Velcro.  It is overwhelming at first, but you get used it after the hundredth diaper change (and counting...). We liked the one size because it meant only buying one set of diapers, but it also means the diaper doesn't always fit the best. There will be times when Henry might be between a snap and we just have to make it work.

We bought a bunch of different brands to determine which diaper we liked, and recommend doing the same to anyone getting started because different brands fit different babies better or worse and you won't know until you try.  Our favorites for Henry are Swaddlebee and Bumpkins. We found Grovia tend to leak and are hard to dry.

We bought most of our diapers on sale for about $10-15/ diaper and we have 30 diapers total so we will do laundry only every 3 days. Most people recommend 24-36 to start.

Best places to buy cloth diapers:
Zoolikins- a locally owned baby store, where Bumpkins brand is sold
They offer a FREE cloth diaper class. I definitely recommend it for any interested in learning more about this. Plus, they will give you some freebies from the store for coming. I give you a warning though, she is very convincing...she definitely got us!
Green Mountain Diapers- The place where Drew's aunts buy their diapers. Very informative website. - A Canadian diaper store with really CHEAP diapers.

So about the poop, well, when a baby is breastfed, everything is 100% water soluble; so we literally throw all of our diapers in a specially designed wetbag and then wash them about every 3 days.

When you wash, you need a special detergent and have to do multiple wash cycles. We do a cold rinse, then hot wash with two cold rinses after and we use Rockin' Green detergent. We put our diapers in the dryer on low for one cycle and anything not completely dry, we hang on our inside "clothesline" aka shower rod. That works well for us!

Once Henry begins eating solid food consistently, then we need to hand rinse the diapers before washing them. We bought a water sprayer that attaches to the toilet which will, thankfully, replace any scrapping on our part.

So that is the basics. More questions? Just ask.

Cloth diapers in action!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Cousin, Matthew

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending Matthew Pugmire's wedding. It was a beautiful sealing and reception and we were so glad to be a part of their celebration. Congratulations to them both!

We didn't get to see the bride and groom that much because it was their wedding after all, but it was really fun to hang out with the Pugmires, Gifford brothers, Brent, and a bunch of extended family that we hardly ever see. 

Highlights definitely included experiencing a Ferreri blow dryer (all the power and awesomeness of their engine in a hair accessorizer),  meeting my Uncle Curtis and having dinner with my "favorite" Aunt Holly, Courtney, Preston, and Casey, taking the same flight coincidentally as Cidnie Elmer, and lots of cream cheese frosted cupcakes. 
The Cousins

The Gifford Bunch minus Brent who is taking the photo

We also had a milestone in Henry's life, his first flight! He did really well and actually slept through most of the flight both there and back, but on the way home, he did get fussy on the decent into Phoenix. I think his ears wouldn't adjust to the changing elevation. Thankfully it was only 15 minutes or so and everyone on the plane didn't seem to mind.
The beanie in the pic above was really hard to find. I guess Phx in Feb is not a big market for winter hats. So four stores and 3 hours later, we finally found one on clearance, then, guess what happens? It is too hot on the plane, so we take the hat off , it falls out of our bag when we leave the plane and we go the whole Utah trip without something to cover his ears. Isn't is ironic? Don't ya think? We just have this one picture to even show he wore it...for like 5 minutes. 

Kangaroos and Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, we decided to go to the Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium and just for extra fun, we invited my youngest brother, Cole, to come along. 

We forgot Henry's hat, but thankfully we were able to come up with something to cover his little head-Cole's hat with a burp cloth for padding. Not sure how I feel about Henry being a Cougars' fan. #wildcatatheart

The Wildlife Zoo is unique because you can pet and feed some of the animals. Of course, a giraffe and a camel wasn't enough, Cole had to pet the kangaroo too. So he stepped over the 3 foot high rope barrier and got his kangaroo fix. Little did he know that the kangaroos were just as interested in him, as he left the habitat, three kangaroos hopped over to the edge to investigate who was disturbing the peace. We all got to pet them at that point, even Henry! In case, you are wondering... they feel like a bunny rabbit.

We ended Valentine's Day with a garbage can lid full of meat and potatoes at Famous Dave's Barbecue. It was our first experience there and we really loved! The Texas Beef Brisket was the best!!